Title: Register for Webinar: Go Cashless with Digital Transactions

Date posted: 20/12/2016

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We are conducting live webinar on subject of go cashless with digital transactions. The webinar is free to attend. Below are more details about the same. Subject: Go Cashless With Digital Transaction Webinar Type: Live Webinar Date: 22nd December, 2016 Time: 3:00 PM IST Duration: 45 Minutes (5 Minutes Introduction + 30 Minutes knowledge sharing + 5 Minutes Conclusion +  10 Minutes Question & Answers) Speakers: Krunal Patel, Business Head, Ecosmob Technologies Sachin Ghulyani, Business Development Manager, Ecosmob Technologies Webinar will cover: - Specifics of Digital Transactions - Advantages of Digital Transaction - Disadvantages of Digital Transaction - Different Models of Digital Transactions - Question and Answer with live audience To participate in it, register yourself by filling in a simple form: https://www.ecosmob.com/blog/live-webinar-on-digital-transactions-with-field-experts/